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The end of August is here and for me today, Bank Holiday Monday, always marks the closing of a door, leaving the summer behind.  This year it also sees the beginning of a new journey for me, making a start on the sequel to my current novel Summer Moved On.

Before I type the first word of any new book I have to give it title; it’s a sort of anchor for the writing process and gives my work an identity. I’m a great lover of music and find it a powerful influence; it’s my constant writing companion.  I’ve a huge collection of albums, with a definite leaning towards rock although my taste is certainly not set in stone.  All my books, with the exception of Love, Lies and Promises, have been influenced by song titles, so once again I found myself checking out songs and looking for inspiration. I’ve always been a fan of Roxette, the Scandinavian duo big in the nineties.  Watercolours in the Rain was always a favourite track of mine and it seemed to sit well with the reflective feel at the beginning of this second part of Jess and Talun’s story.

Right, so the title’s sorted out-  what about the plot? Well, without giving too much away, we’re now six years on from where we left Talún, Jess and Lily.  Jess, now a teacher, enjoys her work but two years at her current school has made her feel it’s time to move on; that she needs a new challenge. She’s about to look for another job when an unexpected phone call takes her in an entirely different direction.

Talun’s life has been one of dramatic change. Once happily married with a child, he is now alone after the tragic deaths of his wife and baby daughter in a fatal car crash. Returning to live at his grandfather’s Norfolk mansion, he hears worrying news concerning the South Devon village of Lynbrook, where he grew up. Although he knows returning to the life he once knew will be one of the hardest things he’s ever had to do; turning his back on those who need his help is not an option.

Lily is now mother to five year old Tyler.  Things should have worked out with her husband Pauli and his promise to walk away from his life of crime. Even though he has kept his word, their relationship has been an intense and fiery one, and unable to cope with Lily’s mercurial temperament he has now left the marital home for good.  Lily has no idea where he is and cares even less.  She feels better off without him, even though she struggles trying to cope as a single mother.   She has always dreamed of the good life – a lovely home with beautiful clothes and money – something which seems destined to remain out of reach.  Until one morning quite by chance, she sees a familiar face across the street.  Despite the risks involved, she has an idea – which if she doesn’t lose her nerve – might make it possible for her dreams to become reality.

Although I’ve got the beginning sorted now, I’m still working on the main plot and developing some new characters (including a very hot Danish architect called Christer Sorenson) and plan to make a proper start in mid-September on my return from a break in Shropshire.

I’ll be back when I have more news….in the meantime enjoy the music.