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What happens to the future when past and present collide?

JESS: Six years ago Jess’s relationship with Talún Hansen was torn apart by one night of deception. He disappeared from Lynbrook village and she headed for university vowing never to let anyone break her heart again. Currently teaching in Oxford, Jess returns from holiday to an unexpected phone call and life changing news which will eventually bring her back home once more.
TALÚN: Six years on Talún Hawkeswood, as he is now known, is heir to his grandfather’s Norfolk farming empire. When he hears of trouble in the village due to Lynbrook Hall being put up for sale, going back is the last thing on his mind. But staying away is not an option either, not when someone he owes so much to is about to lose their home and their livelihood.
LILY: Splitting with her husband after her son Josh’s birth, Lily now works as part of an estate agency sales team. She has always held onto her dream of finding a wealthy husband and a life of self-indulgence. When the sale of an important property brings her face to face with Talún once more, she realises despite the risks involved, the night they spent together six years ago may be the key to making those dreams come true.
As Jess, Talún and Lily return to Lynbrook and the truth about what happened that summer is gradually revealed, Talún finds himself in an impossible situation. Still in love with Jess he is tied into a trade off with Lily: his name and the lifestyle she craves in exchange for his son. And when a child is involved there is only one choice he can make…

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Greetings from Nomansland…

student-woman-books-cThe publication date for Watercolours in the Rain is almost here.  The e-book will be available on Amazon this coming Friday, 7th October.Currently I’m in a sort of nomansland;  I’ve some guest posts to get organised for the book tour next week and an independent piece I want to produce but other than that, the pressure is very much off.

I should be glad…relieved…happy shouldn’t I?  I can breathe; I’m in total control of my day, I can relax. But crazy as it seems, it’s a case of always wanting what I haven’t got.  When I’m writing I’m looking forward to reaching the end of the journey to publication.  It’s a chance to recharge the batteries before moving on to a new project. Unfortunately, when I finally reach my destination, it seems I end up with withdrawal symptoms for those pressurised moments surrounded by all my writing paraphernalia. You know the ones – when writer’s block hits, or the rewrite you need to do simply won’t come good. They aren’t insurmountable problems of course, but they’re not ones which are readily solved either.  With writing inspiration isn’t something that’s on tap.  You can begin a day full of enthusiasm and positivity, only to find nothing goes right.  Then on other occasions you start the morning weighed down by an unresolved problem with the story, start to write and the whole thing flows onto the page beautifully.  Yes, the writing day can be an unpredictable one, but in some ways that’s what makes it so stimulating and gives you the encouragement to see the job through to its conclusion.

So this evening, much as I’m happy to be at journey’s end  – to say goodbye to my characters and their story –  I’m feeling just a little adrift. Because pressure in some ways provides structure – the need to prioritise work, meet your deadlines, achieve your goals. And that is what is currently missing – being surrounded by my work and knowing the clock is ticking. I guess on reflection I’m  a creature of habit. When I had a 9 – 5 life I thrived on a full workload and absolutely hated moments when there was a lull and things weren’t particularly busy. Nothing, it appears, has changed.

Happily this phase I appear to go through at the end of every book won’t last for long. I’ve already begun the process of sorting out new characters and putting a plot together for my next book, whose working title is The Boys of Summer.  Once the ideas begin to flow my current post book blues will be gone and I’ll be up and running again, working out my new targets and caught up in all the associated challenges writing a novel brings. Can’t wait!

Watercolours in the Rain will be on tour with Brook Cottage Books from 10 – 14 October, 2016


Watercolours in the Rain Cover MEDIUM WEB



The first book of the series, Summer Moved On is currently on Amazon as a FREE READ from 4 – 7 October in the run up to next week’s tour.