Now the dust has settled on the recent book tour for my latest novel Wicked Game, I thought it might be a good idea to share snippets of the thoughts of each of the reviewers who took part. No matter how many books I write, each new one is a unknown quantity. As a writer I spend a lot of hours in front of the computer with only coffee, music and the cat for company. It’s a long and sometimes frustrating journey but well worth all the hard work when you receive reviews like this. Thank you all for taking part and for enjoying Wicked Game.

AUDIO KILLED THE BOOKMARK   https://audiokilledthebookmark.com/

Such a compelling story full of romance, drama, mischief, and deceit!

A perfect escape for those of you who love the love, adore the drama, and live for the glamour! Recommended.

BEING ANNE   www.beinganne.com

Jo Lambert writes quite beautifully – her style is flowing and easy to read, her dialogue natural, her descriptions vivid. The characterisation is excellent too – wicked stepmother Thérèse is quite a piece of work, and you just know Kayte is trouble from the moment you meet her. I particularly liked Lucy – the spoilt heiress who actually has considerably more depth to her than it first appeared.

I very much enjoyed this one – a twisting and turning story set against a wonderful large canvas, and a totally engrossing world to disappear into for a few hours.

BOOKWORMS CORNER BLOG SPOT  https://bookwormscornerblogspot.com/  

Drama, romance, suspense, family saga. Wicked Game falls into all of those categories.  The writing was nicely paced and the story kept me on my toes from page one to the end!

I really enjoyed the intricacies of the story and the Character development was incredible. Whether I liked them or not, I found that each character caught my attention and kept it as I was drawn through this intricate tale.

If you are looking for a palate cleanser from all the rich offerings of Christmas and the new year then I highly recommend this crisp, sharp read to set your reading new year off with a bang!

BROOK COTTAGE BOOKS   https://brookcottagebooks.blogspot.co.uk/

Joanna Lambert has woven a complex web of love, passion and a cracking story. Full of interesting characters, strong and smart women and a couple of villainous females who are intent on doing whatever it takes to get their own way, this wonderful saga will have you engrossed and you will be hooked from page one. Think Dynasty, Dallas and Falcon’s Crest all set in the UK!  Charlotte and Marco’s attraction jumps right off the page. That man is hot! And rich! And did I mention hot? I’d highly recommend Wicked Game!

CHELLS AND BOOKS REVIEW   www.chellsandbooks.wordpress.com

Jo Lambert’s writing is lovely, I felt like I was on set of a movie and right there in all the drama. The settings just fall from the pages to enveloping you. I will defiantly be seeking more books from Jo.

This book reminded me very much of Jackie Collins or a Danielle Steel.

DASH FAN BLOGSPOT   Dashfan81.blogspot.com

Wicked Game is a compelling story that will draw you in and capture your attention.
I can see this book as a tv saga, it has all the juicy underhanded games, vindictive characters, plenty of drama, sexual encounters, Betrayal, Family drama and characters you love to hate. See perfect tv! 

If you enjoy Contemporary Romances that are gritty then you will really enjoy Wicked Game! 

DEVILISHLY DIFFERENT BOOK REVIEWS    https://devilishlydeliciousbookreviews.wordpress.com/

The book was well-written. There was a big cast of characters, but I never thought the book suffered for that. In fact, it made it better. I really like the way Lambert writes. The book takes place in several different settings, but the way it was written gave me a clear picture of each place. I love when a writer can do that for me.

I highly recommend this read if you like family sagas with romance. This book will definitely pull you into the story from beginning to end.

FNM BOOKS   www.nzfnmblog.wordpress.com

This is my first book from Jo Lambert and I have to say it won’t be my last. A great drama filled romance that will leave you thinking about it days after you put the book down!

FOUND IN WORDS   www.foundinwords.wix.com/site

The characters, the setting, and the fact that it sounds like the plot of an episode for an exciting telenovela or an obscure soap opera on television.  I’ve probably said this a lot in my other reviews, but it’s true, I’m glad that I picked this book up and I’m sure if you do too, you won’t regret it.

Do yourself a favor and read this book!  Seriously, you won’t want to miss out on Jo Lambert’s writing. 

LIKE HERDING CATS   https://likeherdingcatsblog.wordpress.com

Several storylines held my interest throughout this book and I enjoyed the mix of thriller, romance and was desperate to see where each character’s story led.  I was reminded of Jackie Collins’s novels as often the story telling would move around the lives of various characters, usually accumulating in a cross over of loves, lives and tragedy before the ending.

READ TO RECOVERY http://traveltorecovery.com/

This is a perfect book for any holiday you are planning as I couldn’t put it down whilst reading by the pool. I enjoy reading books that are by local authors and Jo Lambert lives in the town next to me.

THE WRITING GARNET   Thewritinggarnet.wordpress.com

I am impressed at the author’s ability to guarantee a reaction from her readers, I mean, I would be extremely surprised if anyone reading this ended up unfazed by the events in ‘Wicked Game’! I think I surprised myself by my own reaction to be honest!

A rollercoaster ride of emotion, drama, and intense discoveries – ‘Wicked Game’ trumps ‘Sunset Beach’ T.V. programme any day!


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