BETWEEN TODAY AND YESTERDAY – what readers have to say…

Having enjoyed the ‘Blue Eyes’ trilogy, I was waiting for Joanne Lambert’s fourth book. ‘Between Today & Yesterday’ certainly did not disappoint – I think it is her best book to date. We meet many of the characters from the trilogy but this book is set later (in 1989). Apart from the idyllic location of Meridan Cross in Somerset, this book explores locations in Spain and France. The research for the settings has been meticulous and they serve as a marvellous backdrop for the plot. There is a wealth of action & the dastardly character of Marcie Maguire & her manipulative ways make for exciting reading as the shenanigans & repercussions of her actions unfold. I look forward to the next novel when other characters will be explored. I recommended the book to my sister who enjoyed it immensely too.      JK Sept 2012 5* Amazon Review

This just has to be the best yet from talented Joanna Lambert. In this, her fourth book of the series, we meet the Kendrick family several years on and as her characters have matured, so has her writing. Her love of music and the record industry clearly comes through and with strong characters, from the soft Baz Young to the evil diva Marcie Maguire, this is a great read full of plot turns and surprises. The vivid descriptions of Spain, to areas I know so well, it made it all the more real for me. A wonderful read.        AR Sept 2012 5* Amazon Review    

First Rate! Having read the previous Behind the Blue Eyes trilogy I was keen to read this the fourth novel by Joanna Lambert. Set several years after “The Ghost of You and Me” ends, it’s interesting to see how the familiar and new generation of characters have developed. I was not disappointed;this just gets better and better, with the acute observations of the era and a surprise twist as the end this is the best yet.                          CCL June 2013 5* Amazon Review

This is the best one of all in Jo Lambert’s Behind Blue Eyes series. Picking up a number of years later than The Ghost of You and Me left off, within moments you become familiar with the characters once again and get wrapped up in their lives. This was a book I hated to put down. It kept me turning the pages and I was sad then I reached the end. I can’t wait for Joanna’s next book to come out.   MK June 2013  5* Amazon Review

Ella Benedict leads a life that is envied by many. Married to ex-rock star turned producer, Matt Benedict, a fantastic career, a beautiful daughter, Lucy, and a beautiful home. When the family matriarch passes away, the family seems to fall apart. Joanna Lambert weaves an intricate story with twists and turns that keep the reader guessing. Ella has to deal with a variety of emotions during this story which the everyday person can relate to. This is a wonderful story. I recommend this book to those who enjoy a heartwarming tale.              SL Feb 2013 5* Amazon Review

Between Today and Yesterday opens with dialogue as band member Todd is talking to fellow band member Baz’ wife, Patti. They’re attending the RGM Annual Rock and Pop Awards and record producer Matt is there with daughter Lucy while wife Ella is absent lecturing. “The Attitude” are being inaugurated into the Hall of Fame. In this first chapter we’re introduced to the character of Lucy – spoilt and ungrateful with no direction in life apart from waiting for her inheritance. However, we know there is another side to Lucy. Matt and Lucy are at the train station the next day and Lucy tells her father she would like to take some flowers home to her mother … thoughtful and considerate! Christian, a musician making his way to Glastonbury is helping out flower stall owner Alf. It’s through this connection that Christian Rosetti becomes recognised by Matt and becomes his new protégée. What follows is time spent in London, Spain and the home village of Meridan Cross with plenty of conflict, tension and jealousy engaging the reader. Music plays a large part with the band in Spain and legendary singer Marcie driving the band apart – and also driving a wedge between Ella and Matt. Alongside this though is the conflict at home ; local boys Adam and Dominic in Meridan Cross whose escapades cause so much harm; Nick (Ella’s brother) who is Head of Kingston College whose jealousy of Matt and life in general cause grief and sadness; of Lucy manipulating those around her. There are resolutions and some really heart-warming moments that balance the conflict. The characters are brilliant. I found my emotions provoked many times from their actions – whether it was to punch (I should have said strong emotions!), shake some sense into them or shake their hand, be a shoulder to cry on or to cheer in joy. Lambert knows how to raise those hackles with characters like Adam and Marcie, feel despair at characters like Matt whose honesty and naivety cause him to be blinkered … and feel upbeat with characters like Charlotte who is truly genuine. Although Between Today and Yesterday is the fourth book in a series, it can be read as a stand-alone. In July 2011, I read the first in the series, When Tomorrow Comes. I enjoyed seeing how Ella’s life had developed. Between Today and Yesterday was less about the romance for me and more about how a person’s perception causes them to act and the affect that has on all those around them. It is a story of drama in contemporary times.                                                                               SZ November 2012 4* Amazon Review


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