LOVE, LIES AND PROMISES – what readers have to say…

This book really didn’t disappoint. The story slipped straight off to a great start by the end of the first chapter I was already hooked again and knew it wasn’t going to take long to finish. Once again the book mainly focuses around Ella’s story but often trails off into the lives of those around her. I couldn’t think of a better title as it really says it all, the books is full of lies and deceit some of which I found predictable and others had me gasping in shock.

I love that Joanna Lambert really teases you with the storyline when it comes to Ella and Matt’s relationship you are never quite sure if they are going to finally get together or not after all of these obstacles are put in their way. I still stand by what I said in my first review that I really get the feel of the Heart Beat programme when I read these books but in my opinion that is great as it brings something different from most romance saga’s out there at the moment. I cannot wait to get started on book 3 in the series. RB Jan 2012 5* Amazon Review

Love, Lies & Promises is the second novel in Joanna Lambert’s Behind Blue Eyes trilogy. Like the first (When Tomorrow Comes), it did not disappoint. The characters are well rounded and believable. This second book is every bit as good as the original, When tomorrow comes. The plot twists and turns, which kept me intrigued. The reader can sympathize with Ella as it was so easy to fall in love with her and experience her triumphs and tears.

Although it focuses more on Ella’s new relationship you are kept hoping that she will be reunited with her one true love. This hope keeps the reader excited to find out what happens next.

Jo Lambert obvious talent as a word smith also brings the beautiful Somerset landscape to life and time travels to transport the reader back to the era when England was truly groovy. The scenery is expertly painted. SW Feb 2013 5* Amazon Review

While Ella is the main character in the novel, the people of Abbotsbridge and the more serene village of Meridian Cross are brought to life. One of those characters is Ella’s mother who doesn’t think that Matt Benedict is the right man for her daughter and sets out to find a more suitable husband for her. Working in her favour is the fact that Matt’s band is successful and is kept out on tour not giving him and Ella don’t get the opportunity to express their feelings for each other.

But is Ella’s mother’s choice of husband for her daughter right? SL Oct 2011 5* Amazon Review

Wow I have managed to finish this in a couple of days as I could not put it down. A book of love, relationships, backstabbing, and conniving schemers I cannot wait to read the third book. This follows the lives of Ella and her family and friends in Somerset in the late Sixties and brings it all to life. I loved the fondue evening that was so of that era. I would love to see some of these characters on TV in a mini series as some of the nastier ones could give JR a run for his money. Well must away as I need to start book 3….. LH July 2011 5* Amazon Review


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