THE GHOST OF YOU AND ME – what readers have to say…

There is nothing like a saga of books to escape to for a while and I think that this one is my favourite. I had really enjoyed the first two in the series (When Tomorrow Comes and Love, Lies and Promises,) and so I was really looking forward to reading this last book in the series to find out what happened to the characters I had grown fond of.

This book was gripping and I struggled to put it down, grabbing time when I could to squeeze in a couple of pages (even sneaking the odd page via the electronic version on my phone when I should have been doing other things.)

It was great to find out what happened to Matt and Ella and whether the end of their story was a happy one.

Joanna has a great way, as an author, of drawing you into the story and making believable, likeable characters. I found myself drawn in to the lives of the people of Meridian Cross.

Overall, the Behind Blue Eyes trilogy is, in my opinion is a wonderful set of books. It was great, light escapism with compelling characters and a balanced plot. It’s great for the winter nights or an ideal holiday book. I loved this book and I would recommend the series. L. Feb 2013 5* Amazon Review

Ella tries really hard to make her marriage to Andy Macayne work, but Andy’s eye soon moves back on to his ex girlfriend Nina Taylor who is about to marry the very wealthy Alex Nicholson.

Matt Benedict is now living and working in New York, he returns home to open his father’s new club and to tour the UK with the new singing star Marcia Maguire.

When Ella and Matt run into each other at the clubs opening night will they finally discover the truth about what happened in the summer of ’71 that kept them apart?

I really enjoyed reading The Behind Blue eyes Trilogy. You really get to know all the characters well over the three books. The books take us through the mid sixties to the early seventies and we have lots of the nostalgia of the era mentioned in the book. Including the music, which makes you want to dig out those old combination albums from the sixties and seventies. The Trilogy would make a fantastic television series because there is a lot of drama and twists and turns that play out throughout the books. Just as you are thinking the plot is going to go one way you are hit with a twist that leaves you thinking not again! All in all a great read.  NB Aug 2011 4* Amazon Review

Why when you read a book do you race to reach the end and then feel a bit down when you finally reach it. This book was exactly like this as we race headlong into the final part of Ella’s family and friends’ lives. Wonderful scheming and backstabbing continues to an explosive ending but part of me is sad that the roller coaster rider is over. As you may have guessed I have thoroughly enjoyed all three books and look forward to trying more when Joanna has them published. Thank you for writing these stories Joanna. LH July 2011 5* Amazon Review

There is never a dull moment in Joanna Lambert’s books and this book is no exception. We are propelled straight into the storyline from the first chapter but there is something about this book that I love which I don’t often come across and that is that I am eager to turn the page to see what is going to happen next but then there is another part of me that didn’t want to rush through it as you really don’t want it to come to an end.

There are so many characters in this book more than I would usually be comfortable with but over time after reading the previous two books each of the characters become easily distinguishable, some I love, some I loathe. There is no way of predicting what is going to happen next and this is what holds my interest all the way through this book.

What I like about Joanna’s writing is that when she has done all she can with a character the character then leaves the story rather than droning on and trying to slot them in somewhere making the reader tired on the character. I can’t compare the Behind Blue Eyes Trilogy to any other books I have read, they are like comfort food, not easy reads, you need your full attention because there is a lot going on in each chapter, the feel I have when reading this book reminds me of my younger days sitting on a cosy Sunday afternoon watching Heartbeat!

I highly recommend this book if you are looking for something a little different to the usual chart books. This book will have you hooked from the first page but you cannot read this as a standalone book, so treat yourself to the first two books in the series. RLB Oct 2012 5* Amazon Review


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