THE OTHER SIDE OF MORNING – what readers have to say…

Fascinating characters, stunning landscapes all brought to life in tale of deceit and true love. From the glitz of the music world to the peace of country life I loved it all and never wanted it to end. SW Feb 2015 – Amazon 5* Review

I have just finished The Other Side of Morning, my first read by Jo Lambert. It will not be the last! This story has a diverse cast and beautiful settings; story threads that please, shock, surprise and more. Skilfully painted on a huge palette. Well done Jo, I look forward to reading more of your books in the future. The sort of book that would be brilliant as a mini-series… JV Feb 2015 – Amazon 5* Review

How wonderful to re-visit old friends and meet new ones in the latest saga of Meridan Cross. I loved the twisting and turning of the story with a couple of marvellous bitches to heat the tempers up. A brilliant page turner thank you Jo. LH April 2014 Amazon 5* Review

I really enjoyed this book. The story moves along at a great pace, the settings are described in such amazing detail that I felt as though I was there in person, and the characters are so lifelike that they leap off the page.

And what a cast – the dashing hero, the sensible heroine, the spurned boyfriend who won’t take No for an answer, the stupid, selfish teenager… to name but a few. And then there’s the wicked scheming stepmother. I found myself wanting to run for cover every time she appeared.

It’s difficult to describe the characters in detail without giving away too much about the story, but suffice it to say that by the end most of them have got the outcome they deserve. Having said that, this is no fairy-tale; just as in real life, there are also some genuinely innocent victims.

I must also add that it’s a credit to the author’s skill that I had no idea, until I came to read some other reviews of the book, that this story forms part of a series. But it isn’t necessary to have read the earlier volumes first; there’s enough background information to ensure that it works very well as a stand-alone novel.

Highly recommended.  SB April 2014 Amazon 4* Review

Following on from author Joanna Lamberts other books in this great family saga, we are now up to the year 1996.

Charlotte has been having a secret relationship with rock star Christian Rosetti, when his behaviour changes and he begins to behave out of character and erratic, Charlotte finds herself drawn to Marco. Marco along with his stepmother Thérèse D’Alesandro and his sister have just moved into Higher Padbury Manor.

Charlotte and Marco’s relationship gets off to a rocky start, and all though they love each other, and want to be together, Marco’s calculating and manipulative stepmother will do anything to keep them apart. Thérèse wants Marco to marry the very young Rossana Caravello. Thérèse knows that on her eighteenth birthday Rossana will inherit one of Italy’s finest vineyards, and she knows this will be a great business gain for her husband Gianlucca.

Thérèse will not let anything stop her plans to get Marco and Rossana together, but just how far and how low is she prepared to go to get exactly what she wants?

I have read all of the other books by Joanna Lambert in this series, and I could not wait to find out what happens next in the character’s lives. This is another sensational story, lots and lots of drama, a rollercoaster of human emotion. You can read this as a stand-alone book, without reading the others in the series, but I would recommend reading all of Joanna Lambert’s books in this series because they are all remarkable reads.  NB July 2014 Amazon 4* Review


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