Run Up to Valentine’s Day: Indulge yourself in a little fictional romance – Book Three -Wicked Game


Wicked Game

Fashion designer Thérèse D’Alesandro has recently moved into Westhead Manor with daughter Felicia and stepson Marco. Joining forces with neighbour Ella Benedict, she is about to open a bridal boutique at Ella’s exclusive wedding venue Lawns at Little Court.

Marco has both the looks and charm to guarantee him any woman.  Any woman, that is, except the one he wants: Ella’s niece Charlotte.  Marco knows he should walk away as not only is she the most exasperating female he has ever encountered she’s currently in a relationship with rock star Christian Rosetti. But the chemistry between them is undeniable and sensing trouble brewing between Charlotte and the egotistical singer he is prepared to wait.

Charlotte’s cousin Lucy has discovered Christian’s guilty secrets – ones he has been keeping safely hidden from everyone. Determined to cause mischief and at the same time settle her own score with the arrogant star, she sets in motion a chain of events which eventually brings Marco and Charlotte together, much to Thérèse’s disapproval.

Thérèse’s husband Gianlucca has invited the granddaughter of an old friend to stay as a house guest while he undergoes heart surgery. Rossana Caravello is due to inherit the one of Italy’s premier vineyards on her twenty first birthday in September. Aware this would make an excellent addition to her husband’s international business portfolio, Thérèse plots to push the young heiress and her stepson together. Rossana is already besotted with Marco, but if the plan is to have any chance of success first she needs to get rid of Charlotte…

Wicked Game was originally published in 2013 as The Other Side of Morning.  It was the fifth and final book of my Little Court series but easily read as a stand alone novel.  During 2018 I carried out extensive rewrites and Wicked Game was published in January 2019.



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Drama, romance, suspense, family saga. Wicked Game falls into all of those categories. The writing was nicely paced and the story kept me on my toes from page one to the end! Amazon reviewer.


Run up to Valentine’s Day – Indulge yourself in a little fictional romance Book Two: Watercolours in the Rain – sequel to Summer Moved On

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Watercolours in the Rain is the follow up to Summer Moved On.  We rejoin the three main characters – Jess, Talún and Lily – six years later.

Jess:  Six years ago Jess’s relationship with Talún Hansen was torn apart by one night of deception. He disappeared from Lynbrook village and she headed for university vowing never to let anyone break her heart again. Currently teaching in Oxford, Jess returns from holiday to an unexpected phone call and life changing news which eventually sees her returning home.

Talún : Six years on Talún Hawkeswood, as he is now known, is heir to his grandfather’s Norfolk farming empire. When he hears of trouble in the village due to Lynbrook Hall being put up for sale, going back is the last thing on his mind. But staying away is not an option either, because someone he owes so much to is about to lose their home and their livelihood.

Lily:  Splitting with her husband after her son Josh’s birth, Lily now works as part of an estate agency sales team.  She has always held onto her dream of finding a wealthy husband and a life of self-indulgence. When the sale of an important property brings her face to face with Talún, she realises despite the risks involved, the night they spent together six years ago could be the key to making those dreams come true.

As Jess, Talún and Lily return to Lynbrook and the truth about what happened that summer is gradually revealed, Talún finds himself in an impossible situation. Still in love with Jess he is tied into a trade off with Lily: his name and the lifestyle she craves in exchange for his son. And when a child is involved there is only one choice he can make…

Although part of a two book story, Watercolours in the Rain can easily be read as an independent novel.


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Being so involved that I still feel some emotion, whatever it is, when I’ve put the book down, is always a good sign that I’m reading a brilliant story – Amazon Reviewer on Watercolours in the Rain






Valentine’s Day is almost here.  A great time to treat yourself to a a taste of romantic fiction.  So if you’re looking something that has a great story and unforgettable characters and if you enjoy drama with your romance then there are a trio of great books just waiting for you. Over the next three days I’ll  be showcasing them all. Today it’s the turn of Summer Moved On , part one of my South Devon Duo



Jess Hayden is a girl who seems to have it all. Currently studying for ‘A’ levels, she lives in middle class suburbia with father Leo and stepmother Amber.  But behind closed doors life isn’t as idyllic it seems. Leo is a hard taskmaster and Jess never seems to be able to do anything right.  Feeling Leo is too harsh with his daughter, Amber is always there for Jess acting as a barrier against all her father’s negativity.

Leo’s younger brother Rufus takes Leo, Jess and her boyfriend Zac to visit a pub he has just bought in the nearby village of Lynbrook. As they are leaving a local farmer, George Selby arrives and is intoduced but it’s his companion who takes all of Jess’s attention.  Dishevelled, unkempt and undeniably attractive, a Lothario reputation he apparently strives to live up to and Devil may care attitude, Talún Hansen is absolutely the kind of man Jess should steer clear of.  Given her reaction to him it’s just as well they won’t be meeting again.

Leo is unhappy at home and shares his feelings with young barmaid Lily in The Golden Hind where he eats lunch every day.  When she saves him from a mugging he hands her his business card and tells her to contact him if ever she’s in trouble.

When Lily turns up on their doorstep in tears saying she’s run away from an abusive partner, Leo automatically invites her to stay.  It’s not long before he is treating her like a second daughter, making Jess’s life even more miserable as he continues to draw attention to her shortcomings.  Leo’s generosity enables Lily to reinvent herself into a sleek fashionable young woman, but she is far from being the innocent she appears. Not only does she continually flirt with Leo, she’s soon set her sights on Jess’s boyfriend Zac.  Zac has few moral scruples when it comes to women (something Jess is totally unaware of) and Lily is far too much temptation.  It’s not long before Jess discovers what’s been going on resulting in an explosive argument between her and Lily.  But there is worse to come because Leo has told Lily family secrets that even Amber and Jess know nothing of.  And during their argument Lily reveals the most damaging one of all – a revelation which will bring huge changes to all their lives.

A besotted Leo, feeling betrayed on hearing about Lily’s involvement with Zac tells her to leave. Unable to live with her husband any longer Amber begins divorce proceedings. Jess relocates to Lynbrook to live with Rufus and a very different future. One which will ultimately bring her back into contact with Talún once more.

And if you think you’ve seen the last of Lily…


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The location and characters are superbly drawn and Jo Lambert certainly knows how to tell a story.  Amazon reader