A New Beginning

October 2016

I did promise myself a break from writing once Watercolours was published.  Writing, however, is not something you can shut in a drawer or draw a veil over for a specific amount of time.  There’s a new book to write, a few ideas floating around and when inspiration comes calling I have to go with it, much like one of the children who followed the Pied Piper of Hamlyn. There is no other option.  I’ve got my characters almost sorted…well the ones I need to begin the story with…and I have a definite moment in time where the action begins.  So yesterday, with ideas bouncing around in my head, I sat in front of the computer and began. OK so it’s only a soundbite –  250 words – and I’ll probably change what I’ve written, but it’s there.  Work on The Boys of Summer has begun!