The village of Meridan Cross is in mourning.  Laura Kendrick, owner of Little Court Manor, is dead  The family she leave behind find themselves not only trying to come to terms with their loss but also deal with their own individual problems.

Nick Kendrick is a bitter, resentful head teacher whose career ambitions have not been fulfilled and whose mental state is on a serious downward spiral.  Jenny his patient and understanding wife has become a target for his frustrations.  His daughter Charlotte, a bright and clever pupil at his school has also become a victim of his unpleasant mind BetweenTodayAndYesterday_Cover_KINDLEgames.

Ella, Nick’s sister, beautiful and successful, has a much-envied marriage to ex-rock star turned record producer, Matt Benedict.  Matt is currently in Spain with partner Baz Young recording an album with Rosetti, their star act.  Newspaper reports coming out of Marbella concerning Matt and one of his former protégés are giving Ella serious cause for concern.

Baz Young and the band’s front man Christian Rosetti are unhappy.  They should be in New York but Matt suddenly switched the venue to Spain instead without any explanation. Could it be the fact that Marcie Maguire, a woman whose career Matt helped launch nearly twenty years ago is performing here. And if that is the reason, why?

When Ella and Jenny find themselves flying out to Spain to help an old acquaintance, they join Matt, Baz and the band in their luxury villa in the hills above Marbella.  Reunited with Matt, Ell now hopes she will be able to scotch the rumours and show the world her relationship with her husband is rock solid.  But when Jenny receives an urgent call to return home to sort out a serious domestic crisis involving Nick, Ella finds herself alone and facing a woman who not only appears to be very firmly in Matt’s life, but also hell bent on destroying their marriage.



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