1968: Ella Kendrick has been looking forward to the return of Matt Benedict and his band the Attitude from their UK tour. Before he left he asked her to wait for him and Ella has taken this as an indication that although he has not actually said so, the quiet young songwriter is in love with her.  She hopes to use their Christmas Eve  reunion as an opportunity to declare her own feelings.  Unfortunately, at the last minute, the band is asked to perform in Switzerland over the festive season, keeping Matt out of the country until the New Year.

LoveLiesAndPromises_Cover_KINDLEBecause of other commitments and the Attitude’s European tour, it is late Spring before the two eventually meet up.  But hopes of finding love with Matt are shattered when he makes it clear friendship is all that he has to offer.  The reason for this, she discovers later, is that he is planning to marry someone he has met in London, where he now lives.

Her dream finally over, Ella tries to put the hurt and disappointment behind her.  She throws herself into finishing college and starting her business, unaware that behind the scenes her devious mother Mel now feels free to finalise her plans, pushing her towards a match with Andy Macayne, a wealthy, capricious young man with dark Mediterranean good looks.

A year later Ella believes she  has it all – a handsome husband who loves her, a beautiful home and a thriving business.  With all of this she finds it easy to forget the past and move on.  But when “happy ever after” goes wrong and Ella returns to the village where she grew up looking for support from family and friends she has no idea her past is about to come back – with devastating consequences.

Love, Lies and Promises is the second book of the BEHIND BLUE EYES trilogy.

The journey continues…



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