1972: A year has gone by since Ella’s ill-fated encounter with Matt in Meridan Cross.  Now back with Andy she hopes baby Lucy’s arrival will calm their troubled marriage.  Everything appears to be going well until he learns that Nina Taylor – his ex-girlfriend and the original cause of their problems – is about to marry.  Still obsessed with her, he sets in motion a chain of events destined to go much farther than merely disrupting her wedding.

TheGhostOfYouAndMe_Cover_KINDLE1973: Matt Benedict, now living and working in New York, arrives to open Zefferellis, his father’s latest club and tour the UK with his new singing sensation Marcie Maguire.  On the opening night Matt and Ella meet unexpectedly – a raw and painful encounter re-opening old wounds.  But later that evening Ella meets someone from their past who reveals the truth behind Matt’s sudden disappearance that June morning two years ago.

Realising it is too late for them to ever go back to how they were, Ella still feels the need for them to part as friends.  Her efforts to see Matt and settle their differences before he leaves are, however, frustrated by Marcie.  In love with him herself and aware that the ghost of his and Ella’s love affair still haunts him she is determined to keep them apart.

As Marcie and Matt leave for Scotland and the start of her UK tour, Ella puts thoughts of him to the back of her mind and concentrates on confronting the power of the Macaynes and a battle she cannot afford to lose.

With the tour finally over, Matt returns home to dramatic news.  Despite an ultimatum from Marcie that they return to New York immediately he knows he has to stay and find Ella.

For Mel everything has gone wrong; her schemes have failed and she has been abandoned by those she thought she could depend on.  Mad with rage and blaming her daughter for all her problems she is about to take horrific revenge – unless Matt can reach Ella first.

The Ghost of You and Me concludes the BEHIND BLUE EYES trilogy.

Matt and Ella’s journey is almost over. Hold your breath…



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