1967: When eighteen-year-old Ella Kendrick moves to the Somerset town of Abbotsbridge to live with her mother Melissa and stepfather Liam she is looking forward to getting to know someone who has been absent from her life for eleven years.  Ella is intrigued by this glamorous, fashionable woman and hopes she holds the key to many unanswered questions about her childhood.   However, living in the Carpenter household does not turn out to be the idyllic experience Mel has promised her daughter.  Scheming and manipulative she has specific plans for Ella.  Plans which do not include boyfriend Niall O’Farrell left behind in the village where she grew up with her grandparents, or the university place she hopes for.WhenTomorroComes_Cover_KINDLE

After Ella loses Niall to her best friend and her career aspirations have been trimmed to a college course, ambitious Mel puts her main plan into action – finding her daughter a wealthy boyfriend.  In doing this, she is looking for a marriage which will give her the right connections and help her own social advancement in the town.

But Mel’s plan stalls when on a cold January evening, local nightclub owner’s son Matt Benedict unexpectedly walks into Ella’s life.

Ella knows she will have a fight on her hands, but it is not just Mel she is up against.  Matt’s mother Faye has her own reasons for parting them as does Andy Macayne, the rich, self-indulgent young man Mel hopes her daughter will eventually marry.  The biggest obstacle to Ella’s happiness however is Matt himself, hopelessly in love with her but too afraid to reveal his true feelings.

WHEN TOMORROW COMES is the first book in the Behind Blue Eyes Trilogy.  Ella and Matt’s journey is about to begin…



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