I’m about to begin my eighth novel.  The working title is again taken from a song – Don Henley’s The Boys of Summer.  I’ve moved from South Devon to North Cornwall for this story.  It’s a new challenge – there’s surfing involved (water not IT) and luckily I know someone I used to work with who is a keen surfer so I’m sure she’ll be invaluable assistance with putting together those scenes and making them credible.


The story is set in a family run hotel -The Pennard Point Hotel just outside the small fictitious coastal town of Carranporth.  It’s a contemporary love story/saga with a sprinkling of mystery and I’ve been really greedy this time with two central male characters – Jordan Adams and Luke Winter. I’ve still not sorted out my main female character’s name but no doubt that will come in time.  I’m currently waiting for that lightbulb moment.  I’m still finishing off my notes this week – nearly there. Writing begins next Monday (9th Jan) and I already have a cover shot in mind – although whether I’ll end up with it or not is debatable.  At least it gives me a focus for the writing.

I will try and provide regular updates but I’m apologising in advance if that doesn’t happen.  I have reading, reviewing and blogging sandwiched between trying to live a normal life so there are occasions when time is tight and the things I’d hoped to do haven’t materialised.

From the timetable I’ve put together I’m hoping to publish in October 2017 but it could be earlier.  In the meantime if you’d like to read my other books, they’re listed on the main menu. There is  Little Court Series (5 connected books) set in West Somerset and The South Devon Duo.