SUMMER MOVED ON – what readers have to say…

I Having read the trilogy ‘Little Court ‘ series, I was keen to read Jo’s latest work. ‘Summer Moved On’ is easier to read than her previous novels. There are fewer characters but they are drawn with more depth and sensitivity. The descriptions of rural English life are as good (if not better) than her earlier works but this novel flows seamlessly from one scenario to the next – the drama is controlled with realism and arouses consistent interest throughout. It’s a real page turner and I eagerly await the next novel (coming out next year) to find out how Jess fares in Exeter, how Lily and Pauli cope with parenthood, how Ellie and George manage without the help of Talún and if he and Jess find each other again….Didn’t Want it to End…. 5* review JK Sept 2015

Summer Moved On was the perfect title of my second holiday read. Dishevelled, unkempt and undeniably attractive, a Lothario reputation he apparently strives to live up to and Devil may care attitude, Talun is absolutely the kind of man eighteen year old Jess should steer clear of. Noting his penetrating gaze and broody good looks, however, Jess is drawn. As is Talun to Jess, to his chagrin. Talun’s mother was a traveller, his father unknown. He’s a farmhand with no prospects. Jess is obviously from a monied family, and obviously unworldly and spoiled, he surmises, noting the comments in regard to his appearance that pass between her and her also monied and arrogant boyfriend on first meeting. The last thing Talun wants is to be attracted to someone like that. Jess and he are poles apart. Or are they? As the story progresses, we learn that Jess, though provided for materially by her father, love and affection is not something that comes naturally to him. Talun is the bad boy you just can’t help but fall in love with. Learning his secret, knowing he never really knows whether the mother he adored, and who apparently adored him, truly abandoned him, we realise why he might seek affection but is perhaps reluctant to give his heart. He doesn’t want to have feelings for Jess. Jess, though, has much more in common with Talun than he could realise. If only sparks didn’t fly every time they meet, she might even be able to tell him so.
Summer Moved on is a beautifully written story, looking at love, life, prejudice and preconception. I actually had goosebumps when Talun came face to face with someone who might unravel his past, who he is, where he came from. Bearing in mind I was lying on a sun lounger in Portugal at the time, that’s some achievement. If you like a moving, thought provoking read with a powerful male point of view, this is the book for you. My only disappointment is that I don’t have the sequel right now. 5* review, SB September 2015

The two protagonists, Talún and Jess are both vulnerable. Talún was abandoned by his mother and Jess lost her mother at a young age. It would seem that these two young people are meant for each other. The course of true love never did run smooth however and at times I wanted to slap both of them and bring them to their senses. With Lily as prize trouble-maker, it is not surprising that these two seem to fall out and make up on a regular basis. The location and characters are superbly drawn and Jo Lambert certainly knows how to tell a story. I found myself sad as I was coming to the end but then, happy surprise, I discovered that there will be a sequel. I am really looking forward to finding out what happens to these two next.  5* review JR July 2015 


I loved this story so much, for me it had everything you could want from a brilliantly written story. I loved all the characters, especially Jess as I could see myself in her a little bit. There is really good descriptions in this story which made it come to life more. This is a story with lots of emotions and dark secrets, it is truly captivating.  5* review HW July 2015


The title of the book is well chosen, as this is a perfect summer read and also highlights how much can change in one season / a short span of time in one’s life.

There’s a lot to like about this novel, starting from the writing style. It flows effortlessly and the language is simple yet evocative, which fits the genre and story perfectly. The setting is well chosen and comes alive just as much as the protagonists. Also, hats off to the author Jo Lambert for including gypsies and handling the somewhat taboo topic beautifully.

I loved Jess, the main character. She’s the right mix of spunky, intelligent, independent and insecure, and the author portrays her development credibly. Sometimes I could really identify with Jess – especially when it came to everything concerning her unnerving father. He and the whole family situation really added to the story and helped to move the plot forward. I also loved to hate Lily with her scheming. Talun is a fascinating choice for the hero, with a bit of a villain’s qualities in him at first. As much as others want to prevent it and as the two themselves want to deny it, they’re made for each other. It takes a long time and many twists and turns until they get the happy ending they deserve, but that’s part of what makes this book an entertaining read. Kudos to the author for presenting the many emotions and motivations in such an authentic light.
If you like YA and NA novels or well written books with vivid, strong characters that make you think, then you’ll enjoy “Summer Moved On” as much as I did. 4* review DF July 2015


I just love Jo Lambert’s writing style. It flows so easily and at a pace that keeps the reader fully engrossed throughout. Having read Jo’s previous books I really looked forward to reading Summer Moved On. As per usual, Jo did not disappoint and provided an interesting and engaging story. Poor Jess is quite a mature 18 year old who lives constantly in the shadow of her father’s disapproval. He is a cold, uncaring and unloving man yet Jess tries her hardest to make him proud of her. However, she does lose her patience with him more at his treatment of her beloved uncle who seems to care more for Jess than her own father does. Throughout the book I become just as frustrated with her father. What a horrid man! But all becomes evident deeper into the story. When her lovely uncle Rufus buys a village pub and Jess works there for a few weeks during school holidays she experiences village life at its best and becomes popular. It is here that she meets Talun who she likens to Heathcliff and I think that it is a very good comparison as he is indeed dark and brooding.
A bit of a womaniser, Talun suddenly finds himself both infuriated and fascinated by Jess. The pair have a love-hate relationship and the sexual chemistry between the pair is palpable. However, Jess has a boyfriend who she is perfectly happy with and her father has her whole life mapped out for her, ultimately leading to marriage. Talun himself is a man of hidden depths despite his reputation as a love them and leave them type of man and that soon becomes evident throughout the course of the book.
Things take on a strange turn of events when Jess’s uncaring and cold father suddenly takes an interest in a local waitress, taking her under his wing. She is out to cause trouble for Jess and certainly succeeds in doing so. I loved how Jess was so grown up in her attitude to many things and mostly very sensible. As were many of her friends. Coming from a fairly well-to-do family, Jess is not a spoiled brat in any sense and settles into village life so well, she becomes an instant hit with the villagers. She is confident and caring and I loved that about her. I loved Talun and his complexities. This is a story rich in interesting characters and an equally interesting plot.This book has lots of twists and turns and I’d highly recommend it. Great reading! I look forward to the next book in the series!

5* Review JBJ July 2015


This is one of those wonderful books you pick up to escape into. By coincidence I read it while on holiday in Devon so the fact the story was based around where I was added to the mental imagery I had as I read it.

The characters in the book are developed and convincing, and the secondary characters supported the main characters well in the story.

I love the sort of book that enables you to float of to another place – this is definitely one of those books and I am already looking forward to reading the sequel next year.5* Review, RE, August 2015


This novel is set in the South West of England (my favourite place!) and is about a young woman called Jess, who is living with her Dad but they have a very awkward relationship. He works abroad a lot and does not show any interest in her. She gets on much better with her uncle, who has just bought a pub in a quaint Devon village. It’s there that she meets lots of lovely villagers, but also meets Talum, the tall, dark haired, handsome stranger, who turns her summer upside down!

As the story unfolds, you get to know more about the secret Jess’ mother kept from her and the reason why her “Dad” just can’t seem to accept her.

Talun is portrayed by the villagers as a womaniser, and to some extent, that is exactly what it is, but when Jess comes along, he tried to play the cool guy but it seems she has some kind of spell on him and falls for her.

I really enjoyed this story. The author describes the characters in detail and it was good that some characters were likeable and others weren’t! Lily was particularly nasty, but then so was Jess’ “Dad”, but they got their comeuppance!

I must admit, when I got to the end of the story, I was a bit disappointed with the end………..until I realised there is a sequel coming!! so the story of Jess isn’t finished – yippee! I hope I get the chance to read the next instalment!! 5* Review, JB, August 2015


With her dad always working abroad and her mother abandoning her, Jess developed a bond with her uncle Rufus as she was growing up.  So when Rufus buys The Black Bull in Lynbrook it’s fitting that Jess, her father Leo, step-mother and her boyfriend Zac visit.  The antagonism is there between brothers Leo and Rufus from the very beginning and on this visit, Talún sees something he misunderstands and the scene is set for the antagonism between him and Jess.

I enjoyed getting involved in the lives of the Hayden’s and leading up to the reveal of the secret it’s interesting to see how perceptions and wants are so different from each other.  Once Jess is in Lynbrook, The Black Bull patrons add even more colour.
All the characters have their flaws and most have redeeming qualities.  I really didn’t like Leo.  Blinded by ego and so self-centred, he really deserved to be ostracised.  There are times when he is so frustrating!  Lily is another character who made me angry.  We haven’t seen the last of her I feel or the three teens whose antics could have proved fatal to others.
Talún’s story is interesting.  I can’t see how Amberleigh and Lynbrook can possibly come together.  Although not worlds apart in setting, how can the situation resolve I wonder …  So many missed opportunities!
Jo Lambert has a talent for building conflict and just as it’s resolved, along comes another issue that has to be dealt with.  This certainly keeps you on the edge of your seat, wondering what is coming next and who it will involve.  I love the close knit communities she creates.
Watercolours in the Rain is the sequel to Summer Moved On and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next! 4* Review SG January 2016
It is more scientific than romantic to state that opposites attract and likes repel, but that phrase kept coming into my head as I read this novel. On the surface, the heroine Jess has everything she could desire in her boyfriend Zac. Yet she is drawn to moody, brooding ‘Heathcliffe’-esque Talun. And who wouldn’t be, at that age? Is he just what Jess needs in the long summer before going up to university. Or is he the worst thing that could happen to her at this stage in her life? Jess has everything that money can provide but lacks a father’s love and relies on her lovely uncle Rufus to fill in the gaps. Small wonder then that she appears ‘ripe for the picking.’ The reader’s heart is in her mouth as Jess and Talun’s relationship develops and we worry that its all going to end in tears. There’s plenty to keep the reader on side – a warm village community, complete with characters who wouldn’t be out of place in a Miss Read novel, or Cider with Rosie; a best friend, a scheming womaniser, a cold father and a mystery to be solved regarding Talun’s parentage. I’ll say no more as I hate spoilers. Suffice to say that, like some of the other reviewers, I’m looking forward to the sequel. 5* Review Lady Rochford, February 2016

I had the great pleasure of meeting author Jo Lambert on-line back in August, when she wrote me a lovely guest post about her personal long and winding road as part of her blog tour. You’ll find her post here. Since that time Jo and I have hosted tours for Brook Cottage Books, we’ve tweeted and commented on each others’ posts – and I have to say she finds some of the best cat pictures ever to publish on her Facebook page! But it’s taken me far too long to catch up with her latest novel, Summer Moved On – available in kindle and paperback editions in the UK and US. And now I have, and I was delighted to find that Jo writes quite beautifully: this book took me a while to read because of other things I had going on, but I looked forward to picking it up whenever I was able, and thoroughly enjoyed every moment. 

It’s a great story, with teenager Jess at its heart. I did briefly wonder if I might struggle with such a young focus for the story – it’s the summer between the end of school and the beginning of university – but I liked her very much. She’s a mature 18 year old, while at the same time a bit unworldly and perhaps a little too open and trusting. When we first meet her she’s in a relationship with rich boy Zac, much to her detestable father’s delight. But when her life is blown apart by family secrets, she moves in with her Uncle Rufus at his village pub, where her relationship with Talún develops. He seems totally unsuitable for her, a bad boy with a quite dreadful reputation with women: to begin with their exchanges are pretty fiery, but he turns out to be a much more complex character than he at first appears with a soft side, a very sad past, and secrets every bit as life changing as Jess’s. And he’s also absolutely gorgeous – there’s a great scene set on (well, “in” actually) the river that’s absolutely guaranteed to make your heart beat faster along with Jess’s. 

The author has created a wonderful cast of characters – all the villagers, Jess’s faithful friend Roo, her foul father Leo, long suffering stepmother Amber, schemer Lily – and the story is a real page-turner, full of twists, turns and surprises. It’s quite perfectly paced, and I really like Jo Lambert’s writing style – easy to read, flowing, perfect to escape into. And it really is quite a story – it took me in directions I never expected, and left me with a smile on my face and a tear in my eye. Jo describes her writing as “romantic drama driven fiction”, and that describes it quite perfectly.

I have to say my smile was even wider when I saw that there will be a sequel – Watercolours In The Rain – because I’d so like to spend more time with Jess, Talún, Rufus and the rest of these wonderful characters who became my friends. This was such a lovely, lovely read – write faster Jo!  5* review WA November 2015

A lovely read just perfect for a lazy weekend didn’t want to put it down a super read recommended to all 4* review Poppy 8th October

A good read about a love lost and a time gone by. Will be reading again in the future A* 4* review Amazon Customer 29 October 2016

On the surface Jess has everything she could want – a wealthy family, private school education, hunky boyfriend but the one thing that has been missing in her life is love – her father worked abroad for years and had no time for her when he returned home and her mother ran off with a much younger man leaving Jess to a life of boarding schools and visits to her lovely uncle Rufus

So when Rufus buys a village pub Jess is looking forward to spending time there but her uncle is not happy when she appears to be drawn to the village bad boy Talun. Talun is having an affair with the much older lady of the manor and has a string of girlfriends behind him…would Jess really get involved with him when she has Zac!

A good fun light hearted book – looking forward to the next one to see the outcome! 5* review Miss S A Coles 10 October 2016

A beautiful story, passionately written. I cannot wait to read the sequel, it is ordered and on its way. To me these are simply perfect novels for Autumn, snuggled in front of the fire with a glass of wine. Jo Lambert brings her characters to believable life, I love secrets and forbidden love stories…who can resist a dangerously handsome stranger! Highly recommended. 5* review Bella James 29th October, 2016

Could have been a complete short story but Jo turned it into a brilliant book. Each time I thought it was finishing a new chapter appeared with even more twists. I love it. 5* review Neptus 11th December 2016



I loved this book I was hooked from the very first page and I couldn’t put my kindle down while reading this book. I loved the writing and i will be reading more from this author in the future. I loved the romance and the connection between the characters
4* review SB May 2017

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