Welcome to Jo Lambert Books…

Welcome to my book website where you can view my titles and read an excerpt from all my current novels. My home is in the West Country and it’s where I’ve based my stories. I  began in Somerset with the Little Court Series, moved into Devon with The South Devon Duo and am currently in Cornwall for at least two stories, one of which is due to be published on 18th June 2019.

All five of the Little Court Series are no longer available.  The Other Side of Morning, the last of the five, has been reworked and was published as a stand alone in January 2019 under its new title Wicked Game.

Summer Moved On and Watercolours in the Rain, parts one and two of my South Devon Duo are available on Amazon both in Kindle and Paperback.

I’m really excited to announce that The Boys of Summer has been accepted by award winning publisher Choc Lit. It is now due to be published under its new title A Cornish Affair, on 18th June 2019 under their Ruby imprint.

My current work in progress is Heron’s Gate set on the south coast of Cornwall.

I have another site which I use for reviewing and promoting fellow authors.  Currently I have a weekly feature called Life Playlists, where  invited writers, bloggers or reviewers choose five memorable music tracks and give their reasons for choosing them.  You can catch up with me there. The link is http://jolambertwriter.blog/


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